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Advanced Techniques: Fill and Balance

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Freshman Matt Brannen (left) watched the people go by and listened to music while sitting with his roommates Alex O’Brien (center), a junior, and sophomore Zach Angelacos (back) on the old Jesse Hall columns on Friday, March 19. “It’s just a nice day, so we decided to come out here and hang out,” Brannen said.

This is not an endorsement.

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Just a cool photo that I made.

I say ‘made’ because I saw it happening from across the room, talked to the people to let them know I was taking their photograph, and sat with the frame for a few moments to compose it perfectly before clicking the shutter.

It may not be the most perfect shot, but I saw it and made it. And oh, I love the symmetry.

day060 :: year four

Backlog: The T/F March March

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It wasn’t March.

But it was beautiful out, and there definitely were marchers for this annual parade held as part of the True/False Film Festival.




day041 :: year four

And one of friends, because they are awesome.

Backlog: Missouri Grand Prix

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I’m really bad at uploading and blogging images. It’s always been a problem, not just because I’m working some crazy hours this semester. Case in point – I have an entire set of photographs from my move to Missouri that I’ve had on my list to upload and write about, yet they still sit on my computer, waiting.

That was August. Eight and a half months ago.


So without further delay, I present the very few images I actually liked from my two-day stint at the Missouri Grand Prix on February 12th and 14th. I’ve never photographed swimming before, and this was a doozy of an event to start with. But all in all, I learned a ton, took a few fun photographs, and can’t wait to give swimming a shot again this summer.

day029 :: year four

day027 :: year four


(This was an experiment using liveview to get the right angle and focus. Next time, I’ll spend a little longer in the lane to get that focus point perfect.)

Advanced Techniques: Color Correction

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Doug Taylor shows off his award -winning basset hound’s impressive “wingspan” at the 2010 Columbia Kennel Club Dog Show on March 14. Three-year old Cannon Ball won Best in Breed and surprised Taylor with a Best in Group 1 (Hounds) win as well.


For an assignment that’s supposed to test both your flash color balancing and color correcting skills, I did almost no color correcting to this photo. The biggest thing was doing a spot color correction on a white part of the dog near his neck – my remote trigger (the pop-up flash), while turned off in-in camera, still emits a teeny bit of light. It was enough to throw the color off slightly.

I think I would rather have been told to photograph something in a nasty light with no flash and have to make it work via the photoshop controls. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to do that editing for Vox and the Missourian already. Salvaging someone’s poorly lit take is a very important skill when you NEED those pictures and someone shot it wrong.

Advanced Techniques: Single Flash

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Bounce Flash:

Mayoral candidate Bob McDavid answers a question at the forum held Wednesday evening on the University of Missouri’s campus. Audience members provided the questions for the candidates at the event jointly sponsored by the Missouri Students Association and the Associated Students of the University of Missouri. Renters rights and downtown security cameras were hot topics for discussion.

Direct Flash:

Missouri freshman J. J. Bowles, an ambassador of the Associated Students of the University of Missouri, created cards to signal to the candidate speaking that their time was running out for the question at hand. The mayoral forum held in conjunction with the Missouri Students Association on Wednesday featured five of the six candidates running for election in April.


In full disclosure, the bounce flash photo above ran on the Missourian’s website today as part of the full storyon the forum. I’m covering the mayor’s race for an independent study, and although I didn’t want to do it, I photographed the forum for both class and the Missourian. After much deliberation on which images to hand in for class, I ended up selecting the bounce flash photo above, even though it had already been selected for the online package. It really was one of the best-lit photos with a real, journalistic moment.

This assignment was a rollercoaster of emotions towards my flash (don’t laugh), but I definitely have much more respect for it now. I’ll tame this beast . . . someday.

Advanced Techniques: Metal and Glass

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“Bad Dog”

A news aficionado’s nightmare – coming home to find that your dog Rocco or Princess let loose on the house and destroyed the Sunday paper before reading it – may soon change with the  industry’s uncertain future in print.

And here’s the lighting plan.


Part of me wishes this photo came out more stylized, and the other part LOVES that it could pass as natural light. Every bit of light was deliberate, from making sure the bone is bright to adding a tiny bit of fill on the food in the bowl to get rid of a shadow from the bone. I’m finding that I really like this studio stuff. It’s HARD. But it makes me think, and it feels so rewarding to come away with a frame that makes me happy.

Also, now Scott and I have to get a dog someday. We already have the bowl!