Advanced Techniques: Multimedia examples

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I searched and searched and searched for multimedia projects that really stood out to me, and realized that everyone else is going to show work from fantastic photographers well seasoned in the field. While these are great projects, the quality is so stellar it may seem unreachable. So instead, I want to show the class that we can create some really nice work at our level, too.

Here are a few fantastic projects by Missourian photographers from this and last semester.

http://www.columbiamissourian.com/multimedia/video/2010/03/29/boone-life-missouri-monk/ (Caitlyn Emmett)

http://www.voxmagazine.com/stories/2010/02/04/job-cleaner/ (John Schreiber)

http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2010/02/15/boone-life-down-barber-shop/ (August Kryger)

http://vimeo.com/10454664 (Mito Habe-Evans)

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