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My dog is the best dog.

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Okay, he’s my parents’ dog, technically. But I love him the same. Check out this little video of him at a recent Greyhound picnic, bobbing for biscuits.

As seen on the house floor.

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I took a freelance job on Friday with the Joplin Globe to cover the last legislative session at the state capitol in Jefferson City. Many of the Joplin area representatives came up on their term limits, so they wanted to do a little swan song for their last day of work in the house and senate. Here’s the article written by a super sweet reporter, accompanied with my photos. A scan of the printed page will come soon.

And now, my favorite outtake of the day.

day118 :: year four

This is Preston, the 5-year old son of Rep. Bryan Stevenson. He was even announced on the floor that he would serve without compensation. It was sweet and hilarious at the same time.

The Last Frame

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day105 :: year four

It* is almost done. I can’t wait to share the project with whomever actually reads my blog.

(* It being the multimedia project that my group and I have been working on for our Advanced Techniques final project.)

This doesn’t fit with the rest of the day.

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day101 :: year four

ScottJosh Bickel and I drove up to Macon, MO for a Tea Party rally. The president was scheduled to tour a biofuel plant across the street the next day. It was pretty interesting, to say the least. I’m putting together a little slideshow from the event, but this frame doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the day. (Hence the title.) I decided it deserves its own post.

Here, some kids were playing along a cement wall and pile of gravel just as the sun was setting. The three square things in the center are tractors across the parking lot, on a hill. This is straight from the camera – no editing.