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Whatever you call it, it was nasty.

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day010 :: year five

“Thundersnow” was most rampant. “Snowmageddon” also appeared, but not quite warranted compared to last year’s blizzard. “Commute from hell” was likely most accurate.

At the time of this photo, I had no idea that it would be five more hours until I could walk through my apartment door. I felt on top of the world with my 35/f2 and semi-water resistant D700. Strangers told me to get my camera out of the snow. I laughed and told them it had been through worse. (Three days of thunderstorms while camping at a burning man-esque event only made a piece of the rubber housing come loose.)

More snow photos to come soon. Cliché, I’m sure, but snow makes every gritty city look beautiful.


In my thoughts.

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day001 :: year five

I’m thinking about you today, Mom.

Friends, if ever there was a day to say some healing prayers, today would be a good one. Point them in the direction of New York City.

(None of us are really that religious, but it’s the thoughts that count.)

Mother and daughter.

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Last weekend, I went to see one of my favorite families for some headshots (as well as schmoozing). Thank you to the photo gods who sent me a beautifully overcast day and kept the bitter cold away long enough for us to work outside.

Debbie Grossman: stage and musical director.

Rowyn Peel: actress/singer for stage and commercial work.

If you’re looking for great talent in the Maryland / DC / Virginia area, they’re top notch. Let me know if you want to get in touch with either one of them.
(/shameless promotion)

The end is always the beginning.

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day365 :: year four

E Pluribus Unum
(Out of Many, One.)

I’ve never been good at completing projects. But today, I’ve now completed my project365 for the FOURTH time. Four years of photos. Four years of memories. Ups and downs, moves and new jobs, beginnings and ends. Life goes on, and so does this project.

Tomorrow, we start Year Five. May the next year of photos be as challenging as the last. And may the next year of life be as amazing as all the ones past.

Bring it on.

Re-discovering the District.

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Or, in other words, getting very lost in semi-familiar places. Photos found along the way.

day355 :: year four



Bonsoir, monsieur Bonaparte.

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day351 :: year four

Seen at the Smithsonian’s National Art Museum. A lesson in patience and timing.

A new year, a new adventure.

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But thankfully, wonderful old friends.

day349 :: year four

Thanks to Debbie and Alan for a fantastic non-party and reunion with some of my favorite people, some new people, tasty home-brewed beer and of course, music that stirs the soul. Here’s to 2011, a bright star in the sky.