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Seattle at dusk.

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I found myself out and about much later tonight than any other night so far. I’ve now been here a week. Crazy, it feels like it’s been so long, yet it hasn’t been at all. This city is incredibly beautiful.

day144 :: year five
Alki beach

From the King County Water Taxi fishing pier

Changing locations.

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A week ago Thursday morning, I left for my summer internship at The Seattle Times. It was not an easy morning. But Seattle is beautiful. And three days in, the internship is off to a good start. So all is well. But I still miss home. And Scott.




day138 :: year five

Two amazing things.

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day104 :: year five

1. I met the President and First Lady. There’s video here of my friends and I getting honored at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.

day117 :: year five

2. I walked in graduation. I am steps (well, words) away from my master’s degree from the University of Missouri.

Happily ever after.

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day041 :: year five

My best friend Diane got married in Chicago two weekends ago. It was awesome.

I still haven’t gone through the rest of the photos from that trip. That’s not so awesome.

I’ll get to it, Diane.
Sometime soon.
I hope.

Lights out, briefly.

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day032 :: year five

Every day, I ride the metro. And every day, I sit with my camera in my hands thinking, “Another day on the metro. Nothing interesting happening here.” But still I sit there, camera in hand.

Just in case the lights turn out for thirty seconds.

Another from New York

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day020 :: year five

New York is just so busy. So crazy. So many things going on. So many memories. So many characters. So many lives. I feel like this photo has a lot of that all balled up into one.

Made me miss the small town feel of Missouri.

Just for a minute.


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I’ve discovered this neat little iPhone app called Instagram, which is both a photo processing program and a sharing platform. The photos look better on the mobile platform, but I thought I’d share a few from this weekend here. Part kitchy, part awesome, all creative.




What you lookin’ at, Willis?

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I went to New York this weekend and rode the express A train uptown for the first time.

So of course, I had to take a picture of our operator.

Re-discovering the District.

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Or, in other words, getting very lost in semi-familiar places. Photos found along the way.

day355 :: year four



Bonsoir, monsieur Bonaparte.

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day351 :: year four

Seen at the Smithsonian’s National Art Museum. A lesson in patience and timing.