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Pigs are awesome.

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firstclip090816Yesterday, my classmate Maggie and I went to the State Fair in Sedalia, MO in search of a story. We really lucked out sticking with the pig competition, and met two amazing Boone County high school kids. But we were even luckier than that – one had just won the Grand Champion title.

We did all the reporting, research, interviewing, brainstorming, and draft writing together. She wrote the majority of the words, and I worked on photos to submit. Together, we put together a small, but strong package that was published on the Missourian website today, and ran in the print edition, too. I think we made an awesome team.


We saw this little piggy laying (lying? Where’s my AP Stylebook?) with his buddy, butt to butt, in their pen. Maggie noticed that his little tongue was sticking out and we had to get photos. I went ahead and submitted this to Cute Overload, too. They sure like animals with tongues!

day211 :: year three

Cooper’s Landing

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After a long and studious week, my classmates and I went out to Cooper’s Landing to see our professor, John Schneller, play some folk music with his band. It was an awesome evening, with fantastic weather, great Thai food, fun music and good company.










The beginning.

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This blog starts at the beginning of grad school. My previous blog has some of the content that appears here from Aug-Dec ’09, plus a bunch of older things that may or may not be of interest. That content will live there, not here. This is my new start.

This is the beginning.